Physiotherapy Services  

Physiotherapy Outpatient Department
Physiotherapy OPD has following subsections:
  • Electrotherapy Unit
  • Exercise therapy unit
  • Paediatric unit
  • Obesity treatment unit
  • LASER unit
  • EMG Bio feedback laboratory
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Physiotherapy
Various forms of medical and surgical conditions requiring physiotherapy are being treated in outpatient department of the college. The OPD has an attached multipurpose gymnasium named as ‘KSHEMA SANCHAYA’. The gymnasium is 15 stations with treadmill, stepper and carvello. The gymnasium is used during the clinical hours for treatment of patients and after the college hours it is opened  for the use of students and staff of various SDM Institutions. For providing exhaustive and excellent bedside physiotherapy training in various conditions with a motive to serve the public at large, the college has collaboration with the following Hospitals of Hubli –Dharwad area.
  • SDM Medical Hospital and Research Centre, Sattur, Dharwad
  • Craniofacial Surgery Hospital of SDM College of Dental Sciences, Dharwad.
  • Ushas Centre for Exceptional Children, Hubli.
P T Orthopaedic Unit
Physiotherapy in Orthopaedic specialty has well qualified staff with well equipped department for better quality education & patient treatment. Rehabilitation for various musculoskeletal & sports injuries are carried by these specialized staff. The undergraduate and postgraduate Program prepares students for entry into the profession by teaching them to evaluate and manage patients with physical therapy problems effectively and in accordance with ethical principles. It also provides students with strategies to continually define and meet their own educational needs in order to keep skills and knowledge current throughout their professional careers.
The Rehabilitation of patients is carried out based on the recent advances & its evidence use of Electrotherapy & Exercise therapy along with specialties like manipulation & mobilization for spinal & peripheral joint pathologies are provided for better patient care.
The inpatient and outpatient P T ORTHOPAEDIC team provides daily medical, rehabilitation, education, and psychological support for patients recovering from traumas and/or illnesses, including:
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Multiple fractures
  • Joint replacements and reconstructions
  • Nerve entrapment
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Ergonomic care
P T Paediatric Unit
Pediatric unit of Physiotherapy in SDM Hospital, assesses & treats children between 0-16 yrs age of all condition such as Musculoskeletal, Neuro, Cardio & Developmental conditions.
Children are treated using various approaches with specific emphasis on:
  1. High risk screening and developmental assessment
  2. Early Intervention therapy
  3. Neuro developmental therapy
  4. Sensory Integration
  5. Oromotor / Orosensory dysfunction
  6. Hand Rehabilitation
  7. Visuomotor training and
  8. Gait training
We extend our services to the exceptional children at Ushas Special School, Hubli. On an average Pediatric Unit treats 25-30 cases /day. All the staff of Pediatric Unit are well qualified & experienced in the field of Pediatric Physiotherapy. Camps and workshops are conducted & attended by all staff on regular basis.
P T Neurosurgery & Neuro-medicine Unit
Types of patient treated:
Pre and post surgery patients being treated - Laminectomy, discectomy (decompression surgeries), spinal stabilization surgeries, post head injury, Craniotomy cases, Brain Tumor, Spinal tumor etc. Specialized treatment approaches like – Bobath, Brunnstrome, PNF, Biofeedback and routine physical therapy like weight bearing  exercises on Vestibular ball & tilt Board, treatment for postural hypotension, Gait training on Parallel bar  are carried out in Neurosurgery PT Unit.
P T Cardio-Respiratory Unit
Chest physiotherapy is integral part of patient care that starts from Intensive Care Unit till the patient gets discharged. It helps in clearing lung secretions and maintaining oxygen saturation. Various techniques are used to increase lung volume and prevent chest infections (along with regular medication) for faster recovery of the patient.  Facilities available at cardiovascular and thoracic surgery and pulmonary physical therapy department at SDM College of Physiotherapy. The goal of chest Physiotherapy is to get back the patient to do his/her daily functional activities. Various Rehabilitation Programs are designed under chest Physiotherapy for better patient care such as:
Cardiac rehabilitation program :
Starts from pre operative phase, soon after cardiac surgery and OPD stages, treatment includes strengthening of respiratory muscles. Prevention of respiratory and circulatory complication, exercise testing and training.
Pulmonary rehabilitation
Examination of disability due to respiratory disease like obstructive and restrictive lung disorders ( Eg. Bronchitis asthma)
Various techniques that helps to clear airway secretion eg. postural drainage exercise training to increase the fitness level.
Vascular diseases :
Exercises for restoration of compromised circulation eg. Burger’s disease
Prevention of atherosclerosis by exercises
Treatment of ulcers (arterial, venous) by physical modalities like LASER, UVR etc,
Preventive cardiology
Exercise testing and exercise prescription to prevent various cardiac disorders with various sophisticated instruments like motorized treadmill, bicycle ergometer and multi gym.
Physiotherapy facilities available at ICU, physiotherapy department functions in ICU for the patient who is on mechanical ventilator in preventing respiratory complications like pneumonia, ARDS etc. to maintain joint mobility and muscle strength early mobilization etc.
Pre & Post Operative
Pulmonary physiotherapy feeding for maxillofacial surgeries in conditions like cancer trauma etc.
P T Plastic Surgery Unit
Conditions commonly seen by the physiotherapist are :
  • Flexor tendon repair in hand
  • Extensor tendon repair in hand
  • Crush injury of hand
  • Stiff hand
  • Correction of deformities of hands and feet
  • Tendon release, Tendon transfer and other tendon repairs.
  • Various types of skin graftings.
  • Post burn adhered or contracted scar release or excision with skin injuries.
  • Ulcers
  • Hypertrophic scars and kelloids
Various techniques used by the physiotherapists:
  • Education and protection for skin care in sensory loss
  • Proper positioning of various involved joints
  • Proper elevation of the parts
  • Soft tissues mobilization techniques
  • Soft tissue stretching techniques
  • Joint mobilization techniques
  • Joint manipulation techniques
  • Facilitatory techniques
  • Intermittent Galvanic Stimulation
  • Faradic re-education
  • Muscle strengthening techniques
  • Re-education for precision & power grips
  • Proprioceptive & Co-ordination facilitation techniques
  • Sensory  re-education
  • Incorporation of adaptive devices for functional assistance.
Equipments used by Physiotherapist:
  • Various types of current stimulators for nerve and muscle stimulation.
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Whirl pool ( hydrotherapy tank )
  • Cryotherapy Unit
  • Ultraviolet, Infrared  lamps
  • Silastic sheets, Pressure garments
  • Hand exercise table, Dumb bells, Weight cuffs
  • Dynamometer, Medicine balls, Vestibular balls
  • Therabands, Theratubes
  • Contrast bath, Paraffin wax bath, Hydro collator packs
  • Manipulation table
  • Static & dynamic splints
  • Other exercise & electrotherapeutic equipments as per necessity.
P T OBG Unit
Antenatal Care :
Antenatal  women  referred  by  OBG Dept. with musculoskeletal complaints such as Low back pain, Sciatica, Sacro Iliac joint dysfunction, Coccydynia , Carpel tunnel syndrome, Stress, Urinary incontinence & other joint dysfunction/ pain are treated with recommended  & safe Electrotherapy & Exercise Therapy. Physiotherapy education & Ergonomic care is given for the above problems. Antenatal classes are conducted once in a month. Appropriate Audio -Visual PPT presentation for pregnant women & her family is given. These classes include Education regarding physiological changes, musculoskeletal changes & common condition during pregnancy. Awareness regarding immediate problem following delivery & how to cope with them.
Following PT education yoga therapy & Dietician complete the Antenatal class session.
Postnatal  Care :
Physiotherapy focuses on preventive management regarding musculoskeletal problems. Immediate postnatal Physiotherapy is provided to all women delivered whether normal or caesarean section. Bedside physiotherapy emphasizes on coping with low back pain, pelvic pain, personal pain and breast feeding problems.
Lactation management:
Breastfeeding issues are of immediate concern for any mother. As SDM physiotherapist assists the mother in various feeding problems like Breast engorgement, latching /inverted nipple, crack nipple, baby not latching etc. The above said problems are managed by technique such as ultrasound therapy, manual and mechanical mix expression, appropriate latching technique and breast feeding positions. The woman is educated about warning for plugged duct, mastitis and breast  abscess.
From menarche to menopause a woman undergoes lot of changes in reproductive system. The above encounters common problems such as urinary/rectal incontinence genital problems pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic floor dysfunction etc.  Most of the above said conditions are treated in physiotherapy in early stages by mean of pelvic floor muscle training using a manometry device called Perineometer . This device is a diagnostic as well as the therapeutic tool to treat variety of pelvic floor dysfunctions.
Post hysterectomy:
Woman operated for hysterectomy are attended in our hospital for bed side physiotherapy which emphasis on early mobility and preventive care for musculoskeletal problem. Post operative women are educated regarding osteoporosis prevention and management by adapting to a healthful life style with appropriate physical activity.
P T CBR Unit
Physiotherapy awareness camps are conducted for the general public to avail the specialty services under physiotherapy. Free physiotherapy assessment & treatment camps are organized in association with various NGO’s & Charitable Organizations at Hubli- Dharwad cities.
Rural Health Training Center is setup by SDMCMS&H at Yadwad village which covers 30 neighboring villages. Well Equipped Physiotherapy unit is setup at RHTC to extend services for the above said region / villages.


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