About Neurology & Neurosurgery

Teaching programs:
Teaching for under graduation student includes 90 hours of theory in PT Neurology and 60 hours of practicals. Practicals include demonstration of various treatment techniques and approaches of treatment. Teaching programs for the under-graduate and post- graduate students is based on the curriculum of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. Academic activities in the form of class room teaching, demonstration of treatment techniques, case presentation are carried out for under-graduate students. However Post- graduate students additionally have journal presentations so that they are aware about the recent trends, seminars and case presentations.  The students are trained so that they have in-depth knowledge about the subject. The staff is actively involved in practical training of the students so that they can handle the cases independently.
Clinical training:
Clinical training in the form of postings is started from second year of under graduation. During the course of the posting students are exposed to a variety of neurological cases in the inpatient and outpatient departments. Clinical posting starts in the second year of under graduation in the form of observation of evaluation and treatment techniques. Since PT in neurology requires the therapist to use various handling techniques; the training of students for the same is dealt with in the clinical postings. Independent handling of the patient under the supervision of the staff starts in the internship.