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Evolution of Weekly Academic Lecture at SDM

In this era of specialization and super-specialization, specialists tend to know more and more about their specialty. On the flipside, they tend to know less and less about the advances made in other specialties.

Since its inception on 13th June 2003, SDM College of Medical Sciences & Hospital has been conducting various academic activities. One of the unique activity is the “Academic Lecture” conducted on a weekly basis on every Saturday.

“Academic Lecture” is a unique forum, wherein, one specialist gives a power-point presentation on a topic of his/her specialty and the audience includes members of all specialties. This forum not only helps doctors to interact with each other but also helps them keep updated about the latest advances in other fields, especially about the work done in other departments.

“Academic Lecture” was started in October 2003. Since then, more than 600 presentations have been done. More than ten International faculty including Nobel Laureate (2000) Prof. Alan Mac Diarmid, USA have presented in this forum.