Paediatric Surgery Awareness Week

All throughout India Paediatric Surgery Awareness Week is being conducted by IAPS (Indian Association of Paediatric Surgeons). On this occasion, we in SDM College of Medical Science and Hospital are conducting various awareness programs.
Paediatric surgery deals with all types of surgeries in newborns and children from birth to 14 years of age. Now a days most of the anomalies are detected antenatallyand pregnancies are terminated even though these are non-lifethreatning. These unnecessary abortions can be prevented by educating parents and concerned people about the existence of Paediatric Surgery Specialty.
The Department of Paediatrics Surgery has played a significant role in the comprehensive treatment of all operative and non-operative paediatrics surgical problems. In SDM medical hospital this department was started in 2009 and till date about 6000 surgeries have been done including various difficult and complicated surgeries. The youngest baby operated in our hospital was of 10min old. We were also successful in operating a 900gm baby with a major congenital anomaly.
In our hospital, the surgeons and the nurses in the Department of Paediatrics Surgery are specially trained in surgical care of neonates, infants and children. The Department works in conjunction with Dept. of Paediatrics and Anaesthesiology to provide comprehensive care to the neonate, infant and child.
All surgical conditions in children from birth are successfully managed using World Class Facilities. The department treats children who need surgery and is a tertiary referral centre for all the neonates and children with surgical problems for North Karnataka region. 
Following schemes are available in our hospital under which Paediatric surgeries are performed:
  • ESI
  • RBSK
  • Yashashwini
  • Arogya bhagya
  • Sampoorna suraksha
Treatment Facilities
Surgical procedures performed by the department include:
Neonatal Surgery (Newborn Surgery) – Tracheo-esophageal fistula, CDH, Omphalocele
Paediatric Urology – Urethral stricture, hypospadiasis, hydrocele, undescended testis
Hepatobiliary Conditions. – biliary atresia
Paediatric Neurosurgery – hydrocephalus, encephalocele
Paediatrics Solid Tumours
Paediatrics Gastrointestinal Surgery – intussusceptions, rectal prolapse
Paeditric Laparoscopic Surgery – Lap herniotomy, Lap orchidopexy
Paediatric Thoracic Surgery.
Paediatric Endoscopic Surgery – Banding, Foreign body removal
Counselling for antenatally detected congenital anomalies.
Department is providing OPD Facilities everyday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and round the clock emergency facilities. The Department is headed by Professor Dr. Venkatesh Annigeri with the help of honorary Professor Senior Paediatric Surgeon Dr. Anil Halageri and Associate Professor Dr. Bahubali.