Medical Director's Message 

From the desk of Dr. Niranjan Kumar, Medical Director 



Keeping in with the prime objective of the SDME Society of providing value based education and social service, the SDM College of Physiotherapy, Dharwad was established in the year 1996 to address the ever growing demand by the society for quality health care professionals delivering quality health care through quality infrastructure at an affordable cost to alleviate human suffering through healing hands.

The Institution since its inception has garnered tremendous amount of goodwill from the public which is reflected in its unprecedented growth statistics.  A new Super-specialty Block capable of housing 400 beds to accommodate the increasing patient population from all walks of life.  The Management feels a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction noting that its services are reaching and helping the suffering and needy segment of the population.

Students who have graduated from the Physiotherapy College are bringing laurels to the Institution through their conduct, character and practice of value based medicine. 

Great sense of pride and achievement fills our hearts and souls as we participate and contribute our efforts in fructifying the grand vision of our vision leader Poojya Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade.