About Orthopaedic & Sports Department

Physiotherapy in Orthopaedic specialty has well qualified staff with well equipped department for better quality education & patient treatment. Rehabilitation for various musculoskeletal & sports injuries are carried by these specialized staff. The undergraduate and postgraduate Program prepares students for entry into the profession by teaching them to evaluate and manage patients with physical therapy problems effectively and in accordance with ethical principles. It also provides students with strategies to continually define and meet their own educational needs in order to keep skills and knowledge current throughout their professional careers.

The Rehabilitation of patients is carried out based on the recent advances & its evidence use of Electrotherapy & Exercise therapy along with specialties like manipulation & mobilization for spinal & peripheral joint pathologies are provided for better patient care.


Teaching Programmes:

Through our academic and clinical education, students develop a broad foundation of physiotherapy knowledge and skills. Further the students develop critical thinking and clinical reasoning abilities that are required to practice independently as physiotherapist.Our undergraduate program provides theoretical, laboratory and clinical experiences with well qualified faculty, clinicians and researchers. As a result, the graduates are fully prepared to become an Independent professional in the field of Physiotherapy.Besides, periodical seminars, journal clubs and case presentations in the post-graduate programs aim to develop knowledge in the recent advances of Physiotherapy. 


Clinical Training:

Clinical training program for the students are designed to provide advanced knowledge and clinical skills in the areas of musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy.The program is designed to meet the needs of students for their clinical skills using evidence based principles in clinical decision making. In addition to coursework and practical demonstrations, students also participate in clinical rounds along with the physiotherapist and orthopedicians to learn different clinical conditions of patients in the wards. Further under the guidance of the experienced staff, student learns to evaluate the patients, diagnose the condition and plan for the treatment.In  addition, PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) in OPD and wards, where investigations done on patients can be viewed online makes it easy for the students to learn about the radiological and lab reports.