Treatment Facilities

Free Treatment Program for Cleft Lip and Palate Patients Through Smile Train, USA.

Free treatment program for cleft lip and palate patients is carried out in SDM Craniofacial Unit with the help of Smile Train, A Charitable Organisation from USA. A total of 7500 cleft cases have been operated since August 2001. On an average around 500 cases are being operated yearly and have been successfully treated totally free of cost including food and medicines. The additional costs like investigations, CT Scans, travelling expenses are carried out free of cost. Free speech therapy program is carried out wherein patients are  trained by speech therapist for one week and the stay is also provided free of cost. Babies with cleft lip and palate who are malnourished and underweight for their age are admitted and feeding instructions, medical care and paediatric consultation is provided free.  This year around 450 patients have been operated and Smile train increased the funds from 16000/- to 17000/- for per surgery.

                                   Pre Op                                             Post Op


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Cancer & Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery

Micro vascular reconstruction for complex defects of oral cancer, tumours of the head and neck and other deformities are performed regularly with the help of a sophisticated operating microscope. This is the only centre in this region to perform such high quality, technically demanding surgical procedures for poor and needy patients to improve their quality of life.  Because of the advanced reconstructive technique we are able to operate more number of cancer cases with better reconstructive outcome. The advantage of micro-vascular free flap compared to conventional flap is faster healing, less morbidity and duration of patient stay is less. Free flaps used for reconstructions are free Fibula flap, Radial fore-arm flap and Anterolateral thigh flap.

Types of Free Flap

  • PMMC Flap 
  • Temporalies Flap
  • Skin Graft 
  • Forhead flap 
  • Anterior Lateral thigh flap 
  • Fibula Graft 
  • Radial Forearm Flap

A Total of 33 cancer cases were operated this year which is more compared to last year.

                                    Pre Op                                            Post Op

Craniofacial Trauma:

The fractures treated here range from simple facial fractures to communited Pan-facial fractures. On an average around 150-175 facial fractures are treated per year. Advanced AO Plating system and drilling system are being used for better results. Since last two years we are using titanium plating system in all of our fracture patients. Latest Rigid endoscopic equipment (key hole surgery) is available for treatment Condylar fractures and also TM joint surgeries.
                                CFU TF 4.jpg 

Orthognathic Surgery

                                         Pre Op                                             Post Op 


                                     Pre Op                                                 Post Op 

Various types of jaw deformity corrections like mandibular prognathism, maxillary hypoplasia cleft deformity and Bi jaw deformities are corrected surgically. Also we perform distraction osteogenesis procedure on regular basis for facial deformities
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These patients are subjected pre operatively and post operatively for orthodontic treatment.



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