About the Department

Department of Pulmonary Medicine is a centre for diagnosis and management of various respiratory disorders. The department came into exist in the year 2003 & since then has made a steady progress and now offers state of the art care in dealing with various respiratory diseases. It also has the backing of a good thoracic surgery service from the dept. of surgery & CTVS unit.


Head of the Department

Dr. H. M. Betageri completed DMRD course in 1982 and then worked as PHC Medical officer in remote backward area in Gulbarga. He completed post-graduation in 1993. After working for a short period at Shikharipur, he was posted to Dharwad as District Tuberculosis Officer. He has attended various training programs on NTI, dengue, HIV, etc. During his government service he was deputed to state TB institute SDSTB and Rajeev Gandhi institute as HOD of RNTCP and MDR-TB. Joined SDMCMS&H in 2005 as Assistant Professor and now promoted as Professor and Head of the Department.


Various Facilities Available
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Fiberoptic video Bronchoscopy
  • Florescent Microscopy for diagnosis of AFB under RNTCP
  • Well equipped RICU with state of art monitoring facility, advanced ventilators and various accessories required in the care of critically ill patients.
  • Sleep lab for polysomnography study & CPAP titration in the diagnosis of sleep related disorders.
  • USG facilities in various guided procedures.
  • CT Chest facilities including high resolution CT Chest in the diagnosis & various guided procedures.
  • DOTS Centre & Designated microscopy centre for diagnosis and management of tuberculosis Patients.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation programs in association with physiotherapy department.
  • 6 minute walk test.


Patient Care

Patients with pleural effusion, emphyma thoracic, haemoptysis and almost all complications of tuberculosis are treated in this department. MICUs are well equipped with ventilators and other necessary life saving equipments. With the help of health workers anti-tubercular drugs are made avialable at the door-step of tuberculosis patients. For treatment of TB DOTS centre has been opened which provides TB drugs to inpatients.

  • Services daily (Monday to Saturday) 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • IPD facilities OPD include high dependency beds, General Beds, TB Isolation Rooms and Private Beds.
  • RICU with well equipped and trained staff for management of critically ill patients.
  • Asthma clinic weekly once (Friday).
  • Following diseases are Managed
    • Asthma and allergic disorders
    • COPD
    • Pulmonary Infection (Pneumonia & TB)
    • Sleep related breathing disorders like Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
    • Interstitial lung diseases and sarcoidosis.
    • Lung Cancer.
    • Pleural diseases like effusion, empyema & Pneumothorax.
    • Other Chronic respiratory diseases.


Teaching Program

Faculties of department of Pulmonology take classes for undergraduates on tuberculosis and other chest disease like Pneumonia, Bronchial asthma, Air way disease. Students are encouraged to take active part in integrated teaching and group discussions. Students are taught regarding interpretation of X rays and sputum microscopy, spirometry, etc.

Departmental Academic Programs
  • Weekly Seminars.
  • Monthly clinico radiology meet.
  • Monthly outpatient & inpatient audit.
  • Weekly bedside clinical case discussion.
  • Monthly mortality Meet.
Other activities
  • Free Pulmonary function test camps yearly during World Asthma, COPD days
  • TB awareness programs on World TB day
  • Tuberculosis disease sensitization class for Paramedical Students


Dissertation/ Research  

  1. Diagnostic utility of BAL and Bronchial wash Cytology in Pulmonary lesion .
  2. Sleep disorder breathing in COPD patients.
  3. Prospective study of correlation between clinical scoring PSG report.
  4. Infertility in woman because of TB.
  5. Chronic mastoid infection due to TB.
  6. Association of TB with type 2 DM.
  7. “Prevalence of HIV infection among Tuberculosis patients.”
  8. Case reports:  
  • Isolated Polycystic liver disease with pleural effusion
  • Rifampicin induced Thrombocytopenia
  • M.abscessus infection at hernioplasty site



Dr. Hemareddy M. Betgeri           
Dr. Sanjay S
Assistant Professor
Dr. Shrikant Hiremath
Sr. Resident


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