About the Department

The department of psychiatry has adequate infrastructure for consultation and counseling of both outpatient and in-patient psychiatric patients. The department has faculty trained from various premier institutes of the country. In- Patient facility includes general ward and acute care services. The department of psychiatry is planning to come up with rehabilitation setup for patients with severe mental illness and addiction and recent instruments like Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic stimulation (RTMS). Apart from providing mental health care facilities,  department is also trying in improving awareness and educating  public about mental illness, manpower training in mental health and working towards de-stigmatizing psychiatry and mental illness.

Head of the Department

The department of psychiatry is currently headed by Prof Abhay Matkar, who did his M.D from AFMC Pune. He has varied interests in research which include de-addiction medicine, while he is a dedicated postgraduate teacher.

Patient Care

The Department of Psychiatry offers both inpatient and outpatient clinical services. The services provided broadly include assessment and management of severe mental illness (schizophrenia, bipolar and depressive illness), common mental illness (neurotic and stress related), addictions, consultation liaison psychiatry, epilepsy and related behavioral disorders, dementia and memory related disorders, child and adolescent services. The department provides services for Modified Electroconvulsive therapy, Electro Encephalogram and Narcoanalyses. The department is successfully conducting group therapy, 3 days in a week for all inpatients and outpatients with alcohol dependence syndrome. The department provides counseling and psychotherapy services on both inpatient and outpatients using various techniques like cognitive behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy and psychodynamic therapy. Department also runs suicide prevention clinic, among which screening for all students in SDM institutions for suicidal behavior has been done on yearly basis. Also public awareness programs in the form of monthly radio talks, articles in paper are other activities of the department. The department has launched the suicide prevention 24 hour helpline, which is handled by psychiatry consultants. Counseling center managed by the department provides services such as pre and post surgery counseling, tobacco cessation services, premarital and sexual clinic, memory clinic, developmental disorder and stress management. The counseling centre is situated in the medicine OPD and the psychiatrists are available on all days. Apart from counseling services, long term psychotherapy services for patients with mental illness are provided by both psychiatrists and psychologists.

Diagnostic Facilities

The department has an outpatient based Electroencephalography, neuropsychological and psychodiagnositic facilities. Neuropsychological testing includes IQ assessments, cognitive assessment and neuropsychological tests, while psychodiagnostics include Rorschach Ink blot tests, Thematic Apperception Test and tests for personality assessments. The hospital provides serum lithium level assessment also.

Treatment Facilities

Treatment provided is pharmacological using medications, Electroconvulsive therapy and non pharmacological methods including psychotherapy. The department runs the group counseling for patients with alcohol dependence syndrome for 4 days in a week for both in-patient and outpatients.

Psychological Interventions

Department of Psychiatry has 4 clinical psychologists, who have been trained in clinical care and teaching. Counseling center has been started in the Medicine OPD which runs daily from 9 am to 5 pm, with counseling services provided for tobacco cessation, stress management, marital and sexual dysfunction, pre and post surgery counseling. Group therapy for alcohol dependence syndrome has been successfully conducted on 4 days in a week covering motivation enhancement to relapse prevention in alcohol and nicotine dependence syndrome. Individual psychotherapy and family therapy for patients has been done including various schools of psychotherapy from psychoanalysis to Indian system of psychotherapy.

Teaching Program

The training programs for postgraduates in psychiatry are carried out at the department level and also interdepartmental level. Training is also imparted to undergraduate and post-graduate trainees of other departments of the Institute. The departmental activities for postgraduate training include- Seminar and journal club as per the syllabus prescribed by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences, Bangalore. Along with these academic programs, more focus is given to bed side teaching and case discussions. There are teaching programs conducted by the faculty as a series of introduction to psychiatry – history taking and mental status examination, research methodology, statistics, basic sciences and psychology. The residents are required to keep a record of details of their training in the form of a logbook including departmental case presentations, seminars, journal club and other academic activities, which will be monitored regularly.

Workshops, CME and Conferences Conducted

  1. Workshop on “Electroencephalography (EEG)” on11th& 12th February, 2006.
  2. CME on “Psychosexual Medicine and Parapsychology” on 11th February, 2007.
  3. CME on “Psychosomatic Medicine: Mind-Body interface” on 10th February, 2008.
  4. Indian Psychiatric Society – South Zone PG CME on “Psychopharmacology Update” on 18th& 19th April, 2009.
  5. Indian Psychiatric Society – Karnataka State Branch Annual conference (KANCIPS)on 21st& 22nd August, 2010.
  6. Workshop on “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Clinical Practice”on 15th May, 2011.
  7. Workshop on “Medico-legal aspects in Psychiatry”on 25thMarch, 2012.
  8. Workshop on “Electroencephalography (EEG): Theory and practice”on 26thAugust, 2012.
  9. Indian Psychiatric Society – Karnataka State Branch PG CME on “Empowering clinical skills in Psychiatry” scheduled to be held on 10th February, 2013


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Dissertation/ Research

  • Dr. NitinShetty- Prevalence and correlates of delirium tremens in patients with alcohol related disorders in a general hospital setup.
  • Dr. Bhavya K Bairy- Disability assessment, quality of life and caregivers’ burden in patients with schizophrenia and depressive disorder: a comparative study.


1       Dr. Abhay Matkar Professor
2 Dr. Girish Babu N Associate Professor
3 Dr. Lohit S Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Sachin B S Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Sharath A R Senior Resident
6 Dr. Ashwini Jr. Resident
7 Dr. Namrata Jagtap Jr. Resident
8 Dr. Harshit Hemant Salian             Jr. Resident
9 Dr. Sharanya B Shetty Jr. Resident
10 Dr. Shilpi Jr. Resident



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