Principal's Message 


Dear aspirants,

It gives me an immense pleasure in writing this brief note for all of you.

You are aware that world is changing fast. Though change is a universal truth, the truth is greater than ever before. With the globalization, inter-country barriers are disappearing. Roles of livelihood, trade and industry are being re-written and so are the rules of education and nursing profession. All these days the educational institutions built citizens for India, today there is need to build global citizens.

We find ourselves today at the threshold of the most exciting and challenging phase in the history of higher education. Creating World Class Professionals who posses’ knowledge, skill, attitude and values are of paramount importance.

Continuing excellence and quality having been vision, we are committed in our pursuits. Number of new focused initiatives has been taken up. We are proactive; we shall adopt any change and excel there too. Having had world class infrastructure and learning material and human resource, we shall not leave any stone unturned in giving you education in our institution a global edge. We shall ensure your academic, social and spiritual growth.

Wishing you all the very best.