About the Department

The department is located in the first floor of the college building. It has two lecture halls situated on the same floor, with a capacity of seating 100 students each. The department is well-designed with excellent infrastructure which includes well equipped laboratories for hematology, amphibian study, mammalian study, and for research. Each laboratory has capacity to accommodate 60 students. Department also has a demonstration room with seating capacity of 50 students and a departmental library containing 200 books. Power point presentations of lecture classes are made available for the students if required. Following instruments are available for the training of post graduate students.

  • Reaction Time (Visual, Auditory & Whole body reaction)
  • Cycle Ergometer
  • Computerized ECG + Cardiart 6208 – BPL Machine
  • Computerized Spirometer - Schiller
  • Treadmill
  • Computerized Instrument to record Heart Rate Variability
  • Loud Sound Stethoscope- manufactured locally in the department


Head of the Department

Dr. Sadashiv L. Karne has been conferred Ph.D. from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in 1985.
Has worked in 3 Government Medical Colleges for 30 years. Has been working in SDM since March 2006.
He has been working as Head of the Department from September 2016. Has 42 years of teaching experience.


Diagnostic Facilities

Physiology department has been a service department to Department of Medicine and Department of Pulmonology who send their patients for pulmonary functionary tests. In future, department will be attached to hospital for carrying out autonomic functions tests for needy patients.


Teaching Program

Department has introduced a novel way of teaching for the undergraduates in the form of pre lecture questions. Students have to submit a brief write-up before the class. This will ensure that the students read the topic before attending the class and will have a rough idea. Written tests are conducted after completion of every system. This helps students during their Internal Examinations as well as in University Examination. For the Post Graduates Seminars, Journal clubs are held every week and all the faculties attend these programs.



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Dissertations/ Research

  1. A Comparative Studey of Autonomic Status in Hypothyroid and Euthyroid Subjects.
    PG: Dr.Leena Hiremath
    Guide : Dr. Shobha C Nallulwar
  2. Correlation of Lung Function Test with BMI, Waist hip ratio and body fat % in college students of Dharwad city. PG : Dr. Khaleel A Manik 
    Guide : Dr. S L Karne
  3. Study of The Effects of Various Parameters of Music On Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Variability PG : Dr. Ramya Jayakumar 
    Guide : Dr. Shobha C Nallulwar
  4. Prevalence and Correlates of Electroencephalogram Abnormalities in Preschool Children with Language Disorders 
    PG: Dr.Smruthi V 
    Guide : Dr.Shobha  C Nallulwar
  5. Assessment of Cardiovascular Autonomic Response at Rest, and During Acute Mental Stress in Normotensive Offspring of Hypertensive Parents and Prehypertensives”  
    PG: Dr.Shama Jorammannavar 
    Guide: Dr.S L Karne

ICMR 2009

  1. Effect of obesity and regional adiposity on QTc interval in young adults. 
    UG : Ms. Pooja Duggani 
    Guide: Dr. Anupama Deepak
  2. Effect of regular exercise on QTc interval 
    UG: Mr. Nataraj Yeligar 
    Guide : Dr. S L Karne

 ICMR 2010

  1. Effect of various parameter of music on HR , BP & HRV in normal subjects 
    Ms. Shruti Bhatnagar 
    Guide: Shobha C Nallulwar
  2. Comparison of rate pressure products in obese & non obese medical studentsof SDMCMS&H students 
    Mr. Bujji S Doddamani 
    Guide: Dr. Deepti Hoskatti

 ICMR 2012-2013

  1. “Study of PEFR, VO2MAX and their correlation in normal weight & overweight medical students” as a project for ICMR STS 2012.   
    Mr. Ashwin Vinod  
    Guide: Dr.Priya S A
  2. Comparative study of effect of acute mental stress on HR, BP and   HR variability in Type-2 diabetics and non diabetics. 
    MS. Radha Wajpey 
    Guide: Dr.Anupama deepak
  3. “Correlation of painSensitivity to sweet taste and mean arterial pressure in young normotensive adults” 
    Ms.Neelam Demakkanavar 
    Guide: Dr.Priya S A
  4. A study of correlation between haemoglobin percentage and cognitive function in children from rural area staying in residential school in Karnataka. 
    Mr.Santoshkumar P Hammigi 
    Guide: Dr.Nagalakshmi
  5. The effect of ice water ingestion on autonomic reactivity in healthy subjects 
    Ms.Ashwini Raju 
    Guide: Dr.Savitri P S
  6. Chronoscopic Reaction Time to Detect Cognitive Impairment in  Patients with anxiety, Depression and Bipolar Disorder.A case control study “ 
    Ms.Keerthi Bhajantri 
    Guide: Dr.Vithalsa Khode
  7. Incidence of subclinical cardiac autonomic neuropathy in in diabetis in relation to, gender & duration of disease Mr.Goutam Shetty
    Guide: Dr.Nagalakshmi

Ongoing Research:

  1. Effect of cell phone conversation and cognitive task on Auditory, Visual and Whole body reaction time.
  2. Study of simple visual and auditory reaction time in smokers and non smokers of Dharwad city.
  3. Comparative study of effect of acute mental stress on HR,BP and HR variability in diabetics and non diabetics.
  4. Study of PEFR, VO2MAX and their correlation in normal weight  and overweight medical students.
  5. Study of effect of laughing yoga on HR,BP & pulmonary functions in young adults working on construction site at Dharwad.
  6. Effect of night shift on Pulmonary Functions of nurses working in various wards of Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwar Hospital at Dharwad.
  7. Correlation of pain sensitivity to sweet taste and mean arterial pressure in young normotensive adults.


Dr. Sadashiv L Karne                
Professor & HOD
Dr. Vithal H. Khode
Dr. Savitri Siddanagoudra
Associate Professor
Dr. Nagalakshmi V.
Associate Professor
Dr. Shantala S Herlekar
Assistant Professor
Dr. Ashwini R Doyizode
Assistant Professor
Dr. Shankar H. Kulkarni
Ms. Komal G. Ruikar
Dr. Sanjivani S. Jadhav

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