About the Department
The department of pharmacology started functioning from the year 2005. The postgraduate training course for awarding the M.D. Pharmacology degree was introduced in 2010. The department provides hospital services and is actively conducting adverse drug reaction (ADR) monitoring in coordination with the clinical departments for recording the ADRs and is a peripheral ADR monitoring centre (AMC) under PvPI, NCC, Gaziabad. In near future department is planning to start DM clinical pharmacology course and Ph. D in Pharmacology. 
Head of the Department
Dr. Prasan Ramchandra Bhandari, MBBS, MD (Pharmacology) has around 20 years of experience in the academics as well as pharmaceutical industry. He has guided many undergraduates Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Nursing & Other Allied Paramedical professionals.
He is also a university recognized guide for postgraduate pharmacology students. He is also an examiner for undergraduate & postgraduate students of different universities. He has several publications to his credit. 
Teaching program
Department is involved in training of undergraduate and postgraduate students of medical, dental and allied health sciences. Teaching activities in the department include lectures, tutorials/ seminars, practical demonstrations, clinical pharmacology and integrated teaching sessions for undergraduate medical students. The postgraduate training is mainly through subject seminars, journal review meetings, clinical postings, group discussion, etc. Post graduates are also taught about research based on animal experiments as per GLP guidelines, clinical pharmacology, adverse drug reactions, teaching and training methods etc.  The department is planning to introduce OSPE in place of conventional practical examination. The innovation in clinical pharmacology training  are being implemented in the form of Clinical problems, Criticism of Irrational fixed dose drug combinations, case studies, ‘P’ drug concept, critical evaluation of promotional drug literature etc. The department has several laboratories for carrying out experimental and chemical/ pharmacy exercises. Department also has a P.G. research laboratory. Department maintains Central Animal House which complies with the institutional ethics committee requirements as well as safe environment policies. Departmental library has over 130 books and a museum. Laboratories of the department are equipped with following instruments.
  • Polyrite IV channel with accessories for recording human parameters like ECG, EEG, EMG etc.
  • Flame photometer
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Student Physiographs for human and animal experiments
  • Water distillation unit
  • Homogeniser
  • Electronic Balance
  • Laboratory pH meter
  • Analytical balance
  • Two unit thermostatic organ bath
Workshops, CME and Conferences Conducted
  1. A one day CME on "Neuropsychopharmacology Update – 2014" conducted on 23rd Feb. 2014 by Dept. of Psychiatry & Dept.of Pharmacology, SDMCMS&H, Dharwad. The CME focused on Basic principles & safety measures of using psychotropic drugs in pregnancy & lactation. It attracted a large number of delegates of around 170 were registered for the CME which includes PGs of psychiatry & pharmacology. Scientific sessions were on general principles of using psychotropic drugs in pregnancy & lactation including neuromodulation, drug interactions in clinical practice & antiepileptic medications in pregnancy & lactation.
  2. A one day CME on "Good Clinical Practice" was conducted on 20th April 2013. Dr. Manjusha Patankar, Director, CMI India Ltd. Mumbai and Dr. Sangeeta Sukumaran, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, D. Y. Patil Medical College, Mumbai, conducted the interactive workshop with lectures and videos on drug development, ethics committee, informed consent, and safety monitoring. The CME was attended by more than 50 delegates.  
  3. Department of Pharmacology, SDM College of Medical Sciences and Hospital, Sattur, Dharwad has conducted a Workshop on “Rational Drug Therapy” on June 21, 2009.The workshop was conducted to encourage and cultivate rational prescribing practices among interns. Renowned speakers enlightened the participants about rational and irrational fixed dose combinations and their hazards, adverse drug reaction monitoring, ‘P’ Drug concept etc. The sessions were followed by clinical problem solving, pictorial quiz and valedictory.
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  1. Clinical evaluation of efficacy and side effect profile of Ketamine anesthesia in young adults.
    • Name of the Post Graduate - Dr Anoosha Bhandarkar,
    • Name of the Guide – Dr. Priyadarshini B. Kop.
  2. A comparative study of antiulcer activity of Glycyrrhizaglabra (liquorice) and pantoprazole in albino rats.
    • Name of the Post Graduate :Dr Rupa. Korde.
    • Name of the Guide – Dr. M.A. Kamdod.
  3. Experimental evaluation of anticonvulsant activity of atorvastatin on Wistar rats.
    • Name of the Post Graduate : Dr Ashwini P. Singh
    • Name of the Guide- Dr. Radhika Mayur Sherkhane.
  4. A cross sectional first prescription analysis study of  psychiatric disorders in a tertiary hospital.
    • Name of the Post Graduate :Dr. Kavitha V. Dongerkery
    • Name of the Guide – Dr. Prasan R. Bhandari
  5. Drug usage pattern in elderly hypertensive, diabetic in-patients with suspected impaired renal function in a tertiary care hospital.
    • Name of the Post Graduate : Dr. Apeksha Bhandary
    • Name of the Guide – Dr. Prasan R. Bhandari
Awards / Achievements
  1. Dr. Radhika M.S. Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology has won the best oral paper presentation award at South Regional Indian Pharmacological Society (SRIPS) at PSG Institute of Medical Education, Coimbatore in 2009.
  2. Dr. Radhika M.S., Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology has won the best paper presentation at the IInd Onsite session of FIME (Fellowship in Medical education) at MCI Nodal Centre for faculty development, JNMC, Belgavi in 2015.


Dr. Prasan Ramchandra Bhandari
Professor & HOD
Dr. Mohammad Ameeruddin Kamdod
Dr. Radhika Mayur Sherkhane
Dr. M B Girish
Professor (Sabbatical Leave)
Dr. Priya Gandigawad
Assistant Professor
Dr. Rupa Arun Korde
Assistant Professor
Mr. A. Sudhindra Prathap
Tutor (Msc)
Dr. Apeksha Bhandary





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