P T Orthopaedic and Sports

About the department:
Physiotherapy in Orthopedic specialty has well qualified experienced staff with well-equipped department for better quality education & patient treatment. Physiotherapists, now housed at SDM hospital, are among the most skilled professionals in treating musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions. At SDM Hospital, highly skilled specialists care for patients across the full range of orthopaedic conditions, in a state-of-the-art environment. Working with patients one-on-one, the goal is to improve strength and coordination and return patient to his/or her previous levels of function and performance. The Therapists strive to decrease pain, improve function, and return patients suffering from injuries and conditions to an active life. All staff work as a part of rehabilitation team to improve the health status of the patient. The Rehabilitation of patients is carried out based on the recent advances & its evidence use of Electrotherapy modalities& Exercise therapy. Other treatment strategies such as the manipulation& mobilization for spinal& peripheral joint pathologies are carried out by the qualified staff.
The inpatient and outpatient Physiotherapy Orthopedic team provides daily medical, rehabilitation, education, and psychological support for patients recovering from traumas and/or illnesses.
Inpatient services: The Orthopaedic In-patient Physiotherapy team experts at SDM hospital have many years of experience of working with orthopaedic patients and are often deployed elsewhere within the hospital to provide orthopaedic input where it is required. Working primarily in orthopaedic wards, we provide full in-patient physiotherapy to elective surgery patients, that is to say, to patients undergoing planned surgical procedures – These include
  • Hip and knee replacements, shoulder surgery etc.
  • Post fracture/dislocation rehabilitation following conservative and surgically managed patients.
  • Gait training
  • Infective conditions rehabilitation
  • Arthroplasties,
  • Soft tissue injury rehabilitation following conservative and surgically managed patients.
  • Amputation rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy management for pain in cases like sciatica, cervical spondylosis, and other degenerative conditions.
Outpatient services: Our Orthopedic-physiotherapy team—along with referring medical specialists—will develop programs tailored to patient’s specific needs. These include working with patient one-on-one in important areas such as strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. All physiotherapy treatment is conducted in the ultramodern, patient-friendly environment of physiotherapy OPD and designed to not just rehabilitate but educate patient on preventing future injuries.
The Orthopedic physiotherapy OPD offers seamless care for patients with any type of bone, joint, muscle or connective tissue injury or disorder. Our renowned orthopedic/musculoskeletal rehabilitation specialist’s team treats both pre- and post-surgical patients, as well as non-surgical disorders and injuries. The list of conditions and treatments below are some of the bone and joint conditions that are seen, diagnosed, and treated at the orthopedic physiotherapy OPD:
  • Conditions affecting the bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles
  • Disorders of the back, neck, hip, elbow, shoulder, and hand
  • Joint pain related to arthritis
Sports Physiotherapy:
In recent past decade there has been increase in sporting events in India, apart from national and international sports there has been numerous league matches, inter club matches and university level matches. With the increase in sporting activities there has been increase in sports injuries among players and athletes.
A grievous injury to sportsman or athletes means the end of their career in the sporting activities.
Most of the injuries among sportsmen can be prevented by a warm up, cool down, and a good body mechanics while they indulge in sports. Thus sports training and rehabilitation becomes an important aspect of sports.
The Sports Physiotherapy Speciality caters to both out-patients as well inpatient services to the patients. Having the clinical Set up in the ground floor, it creates easy accessibility to the patients and delivers treatment & care with well established Sports Physiotherapy section.
In our sports speciality we deal with
  • Sports injuries prevention.
  • Testing of Strength, Agility, Speed, Power, Endurance and Flexibility.
  • Sports mechanics and training.
  • Complete sports rehabilitation following injury.
Working Hours for the Orthopedic & Sports Specialty:
Monday to Saturday: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (Lunch Time: 1pm - 2pm, Morning final patient schedule at 12:30 PM and Evening final patient schedule at 4:30 PM)
Dr. Sunil K.M, MPT
Professor, Principal
Dr. Ravi Savadatti, Ph.D, MPT
Professor, Vice Principal
Dr. Prashant Mukkannavar, Ph.D, MPT
Associate Professor & Clinical Coordinator
Dr. Rajeev K Lal, MPT
Associate Professor
Dr. Shweta D. Kulkarni, MPT
Assistant Professor