P T Community Based Rehabilitation

About the Department:
Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) focuses on enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families, meeting basic needs and ensuring maximum participation in the community.
Department of CBR is functioning under Inpatient as well as Outreach services by qualified and experienced staff.
Inpatient services are delivered for referred cases of physical disability; where goal based assessment and management strategies are planned. Likewise, it is implemented through the combined efforts of people with disabilities and their families. Based on the need, the client is referred for respective departments for complete rehabilitation such as Speech therapy, prosthetics and orthotics, nursing care, vocational and social services.
Environmental and personal factors are considered individually respective of the disease/disorder for the planning and home modifications wherever applicable. Subsequently, periodical follow up is done.
Outpatient services:
  • Health and disease related Screening/ surveys and assessment camps are organised in urban and rural setups individually or in collaboration with local NGOs and various government bodies, school and colleges.
  • Public Awareness in the form of talks/lectures/articles/radio talk are done by the faculty.
  • Assessment and Treatment camps are organised under various specialities like Neurology conditions, orthopaedic related conditions, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics and general health and hygiene.
Inpatient services:
  • Every case is assessed for environmental and socio-economical conditions so that tailored made rehab program is planned
  • Home environmental modifications are planned and advised according to the patient’s socio economic status and capacities.
  • Various benefits and facilities available from the government according to the patients disability is explained to the family members.
Dr. Poornima P. S. MPT, Associate Professor
Dr. Salima Bijapuri MPT, Assistant Professor
About the Department:
Women’s health issues are always a concern and so we are here at our department; addressing to the needs of women associated with both obstetrics and gynaecology conditions. Specialised individual care is offered under inpatient as well as outpatient services.
Inpatient Services:
Working in coordination with well established clinical OBG department, our services are provided to almost every individual admitted for delivery or any gynaecological condition.
Services offered are for the following -
Postnatal Physiotherapy
  • Bedside pain management for musculoskeletal issues related to vaginal or caesarean deliveries. Our aim is to focus on early recovery and better quality of life working around the challenges of the new mother.
  • Proactive ergonomics is emphasised with appropriate education to prevent common postpartum problems.
  • Women are encouraged to continue with postpartum fitness with follow up visits to the outpatient department.
Lactation consultancy
  • Offering as a speciality service, we attend to every mother’s breastfeeding issues immediately after delivery till discharge.
  • One on one consultation is offered which includes education and counselling to promote breast feeding with appropriate feeding techniques and positions.
  • Women with breastfeeding difficulties are handled exclusively by qualified staff until problems resolves. Appointments are given on OPD basis post discharge whenever required.
Gynaecology Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy services are offered for various conditions like urinary incontinence, vaginal/rectal prolapsed, pelvic floor dysfunction, hysterectomy & pelvic floor repairs.
Outpatient Services: Follow up and referred cases from OBG OPD for the above mentioned obstetric and gynecologic conditions are attended at our department with necessary electrotherapy and exercise therapy measures.
Working Hours:
Monday to Saturday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm (Lunch Break: 1.00 – 2.00 pm)
Dr. Poornima P S
Associate Professor