General Medicine

About the Department

The department of Medicine was established in the year 2003. The department consists of four units and offers advanced care in Internal Medicine & critical care.

The department is proud to posses experienced senior faculty who has been working for the last 2 to 3 decades and also young dynamic Associate and Assistant professors. The faculty keep themselves updated by participating in various courses & hands-on workshops regularly. Many of the faculty has received training in the BLS, ACLS and ventilator course. On the clinical side, the department has progressed well with more than 25% increase in patient care statistics, both quantitatively & qualitatively every year.

The department also provides super specialty care like Nephrology, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Geriatrics, Rheumatology, Physical Medicine & rehabilitation. The department also conducts many conferences & CMEs both national and state level.

The department runs UG & PG teaching program in Medicine. The postgraduates training program is well structured and research oriented. Many of the faculties have been lifetime member for prestigious bodies like API, IMA, IMA-AMS, CSI, RSSDI, IAE.  Most of the faculties are university examiners for both UG and PG.

Head of Department

Prof. B.S. Patil took over as the HOD from 01.07.2006. Apart from being a vastly experienced undergraduate and postgraduate teacher, he has a charming and dynamic personality.

Patient Care

Department provides following services

  • 24 hours casualty services
  • 24 hours ICU & CCU
  • 24 hours Radiology services
  • Well equipped interventional cardiology  in association with SDM NH
  • Well established Dialysis
  • Physical Rehabilitation.
Diagnostic Facilities
  • Digital X- RAY.
  • HRUSG, color Doppler
  • ECG, 2D ECHO, TMT, Coronary angiogram and revascularization procedures. 
  • 3D CT scan and MRI
  • CSF, pleural, ascitic and pericardial fluid aspiration and analysis.
  • Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, liver, renal and pleural biopsy.
Treatment Facilities Acute care in the form of
  • MITU and MICU
  • ICCU
  • Dialysis
  • Geriatric care
  • Respiratory & TB ICU
  • Endoscopy – upper and lower GIT
  • ERCP
Teaching Program

The department is involved in regular teaching program for MBBS, Dental physiotherapy and Nursing, students. Department has got 2 post graduate seats. PG students are involved in OPD patient’s evaluation and in patients work up. There is a well structured teaching program both in the class room and at the skill lab. The department posses a well equipped skill lab where students are given hands on training in BLS and ACLS.

Workshop and CMEs

Conference/CME held


Name of the Conference

State level conference

01.07.2006 to 02.07.2006

2nd Annual KRSSDI held at Hubli



 SDM Update in Medicine (SUM )



Cardiology update



Psychosomatic Disorder

State  Level Conference


 1stAnnual Geriatrics Conference

State  Level Conference

30.07.2010 to 01.08.2010

 8th Annual KCSI-2010.


16/5/2014 to 18/5/2014

KAPICON  held at Hubli


4/12/2014 to 7/12/2014

CSI -Hyderabad


21/11/2014 to 23/11/2014

RSSDI-2014 - Bangalore


18/12/2014 to 22/12/2014

ISD CON –Mumbai Gastroenterology


March 2014

International live endoscopy workshop- Hyderabad



 Food and Drug  Allergy held at  SDM



Best of ADA 2014 update - Bangalore



Diabetes update -2014 at KIMS Hubli


August 2014

Best of DDW-Mumbai

Dissertation/ Research

Sl No

PG Student

Dissertation Topic

PG Guide


Dr.Chinmay Naik

Etiological spectrum of acute febrile encephalopathy And its outcome in tertiary care hospital, Dharwad.

Dr. Jayaraj Sindhur


Dr. Ramya Bhat

Study of non alcoholic fatty liver disease in type 2 diabetes Mellitus with correlation to cardiac risk factors at tertiaryHospital.

Dr.Mohan Kashinkunti



Dr.Sathvik Jain

Study of pattern of anemia in elderly             patient admitted in SDMCMSH

Dr.Kiran Aithal


Dr.Smrithi Shetty

Study of heptic dysfunction in dengue fever in adults.

Dr. K.M.Mohsin


Dr.Shrikant Methri  

Clinical profile of ventilator associated nemonia in patient admitted in MICU




Adrenal insufficiency in critically ill

Dr.Shiddappa G. Professor


Dr.Disha Shetty 

Study of Hypomagnesemia in critically  Ill medical patients and its association with the clinical outcome

Dr.Kiran Aithal  Professor



Comparing  peradenya organophophorous  Poisoning scale with pseudo cholinesterase  Level in predicting the outcome in op poisoning

Dr.B.B.Jayashankar, Professor



Dr.Shreya Naik   

Incidence of hepatic involvement in malaria  & its effect on final outcome.

Dr.B.V.Halakatti. Professor


Dr.Alok Shetty  

Study of CRP & ADA levels in CSF analysis of Patients with meningitis

Dr.Shiddappa, Professor


Dr.Lohit Kumbar  

Hospital based study of reckettsial fever evidenced by weil Felix test in a tertiary care hospital.

Dr.Mohan Kashinkunti, Professor


Dr.Indana Krishna K 

Use fullness of SOFA & APACHE – II scoring With mods & sepsis

Dr. Amrut M, Asso. Professor

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Dr. Basavangouda S. Patil
Professor & HOD.
Dr. B B. Jayashankar
Dr. Basavaraj V Halakatti
Dr. Mohan D. Kashinkunti
Dr. Kiran R. Aithal
Dr. Amrut Mahabalshetti
Dr. Khwaja Moinuddin Mohsin
Associate Professor
Dr. Rajendrakumar B. Parakh
Associate Professor
Dr. Hemamalini Gururaj
Associate Professor
Dr. Dhananjaya M
Assistant Professor
Dr. Kirankumar Meti
Assistant Professor
Dr. Mukayyaswami V Kalasurmath
Assistant Professor
Dr. Vijaykumar VPatil
Assistant Professor
Dr. Aneesh T
Assistant Professor
Dr. Archana Chiniwalar
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sneha Savanur
Sr. Resident
Dr. Sheela S. Kudari
Sr. Resident
Dr. Bharati A. Gadad
Sr. Resident
Dr. Ravindra I. Gudneshwarmath
Sr. Resident
Dr. Raghuramchandra Bhat
Jr. Resident
Dr. Vijayashekar M Biradar
Jr. Resident
Dr. Raghavendra D
Jr. Resident
Dr. Shreya Naik
Jr. Resident
Dr. Disha R Shetty
Jr. Resident
Dr. Alok Shetty K
Jr. Resident
Dr. Indana Krishna Kiran
Jr. Resident
Dr. Lohit Kumbar
Jr. Resident
Dr. Prasanna Kumar
Jr. Resident
Dr. Nauman Mujahid
Jr. Resident
Dr. Avinash
Jr. Resident
Dr. Dithesh M
Jr. Resident
Dr. Bhushan C Shetty
Jr. Resident
Dr. Yashaswini Mohan Amin
Jr. Resident
Dr. Bharath G
Jr. Resident
Dr. Anoop K
Jr. Resident
Dr. Smita R Karnik
Jr. Resident
Dr. Jeedigunta Saigunaranjan
Jr. Resident
Dr. Mohammad Zubair Didgur
Jr. Resident
Dr. Pooja Dugani
Jr. Resident



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