About the Department

The department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery caters to the population of north Karnataka and Part of Maharashtra. It has well equipped OPDs with full fledged Endoscopy unit comprising of rigid and Flexible endoscopies and well equipped Consultation rooms. There is attached minor OT and demonstration hall for teaching U.G. and P.G students. OPD is connected by PACS system, where investigations done on patients can be viewed online, which speeds up the treatment imparted.  The department library comprises of about 150 books related to ENT, Head and Neck Surgery and Audiology & speech language pathology. The department has a seminar Room with latest Audio visual aids for conducting teaching Programmes. The Audiology and Speech language pathology section is well equipped with   pure tone Audiometry, Computerized Impedance audiometer; BERA. It has well trained Audiology and Speech language pathologists. Skill lab of the department has facilities for cadaveric temporal bone dissection and cadaveric endoscopic dissection, where post graduate students and staff can hone their surgical skills. Department also has well furnished classroom with good Audio visual aids which help in imparting quality education to the students.

Head of the Department

Dr. Ashok S. Naik

Patient Care

The wards are maintained neat and clean and have all facilities required for the better patient care. The surgical operation theatre complex has two theatres for ENT. Operation theatres are equipped with

 1. Two Leica operating microscopes, with attached visual & recording facilities

 2. Karl Storz endoscopes with camera and recording facilities

 3. Karl storz nasal endoscopic instruments

 4. Karl storz microlaryngeal instruments

 5. Karl storz regid bronchoscopes

 6. Karl storz flexible bronchoscopes

 7. Rigid Oesophagoscopes

 8. Xomed  Microdebrider and shaver system

 9. Elman Radiofrequency unit

 10. Rhinoplasty equipments

Surgeries performed here include micro ear surgeries such as Myringotomy, Tympanoplasties, Stapedotomies, Mastoidectomies etc. Other surgeries performed are Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Endoscopic Skull base Surgeries, Rhinoplasties & Septoplasties, Microlaryngeal Surgeries, and Head and Neck Surgeries.

Diagnostic Facilities

Following procedures are performed in the department which aid in accurate diagnosis of disease

  1. Nasal Endoscopies
  2. Flexible Laryngoscopies and Bronchoscopies
  3. Audiological investigations like Pure tone Audiometry, Tympanometry, Brain stem evoked response audiometry, VEMP
Teaching Program

Theory classes and clinical postings for under graduate students are conducted as per R.G.U.H.S. guidelines. Students get to see large number of patients with variety of presentations. Students are also encouraged to present seminars. Regular Tutorials are conducted provide healthy discussions between Students and Staff. For post graduate students regular teaching programmes as per R.G.U.H.S.  Guidelines are conducted. With abundance of clinical material at their disposal, P.G.s get to improve their clinical skills. For the betterment of surgical kills, they are encouraged to do regular temporal bone dissection, endoscopic surgeries on cadavers and mannequins. P.G. students are encouraged to take up research projects.


Workshop and CMEs   
  1. Dept. has conducted workshop on endoscopic sinus surgery on 21st and 22nd April 2012.The guest faculty was Dr. Renuka Bradoo, Prof and HOD dept. of ENT LTD, Sion Mumbai.
  2. Dept. has conducted live surgical workshop on 'Otology and cadaveric temporal bone and lateral skull base dissection' on 20th and 21st July 2013.The guest faculty was Prof.H. Vijayendra.
  3. Presently a state level surgical workshop on Head and neck surgery is planned on 28th Feb and 1st March 2015.
  4. State level CME on Vertigo conducted in the year 2010.
  5. Department has conducted CME’s on Cochlear implantation, Endoscopic sinus surgery. Endoscopic skull base surgeries, sleep apnoea syndrome in 2010-2011
  6. Presently a State level workshop on Endoscopic Sinus surgery is planned in the month of April 2012.
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Dissertations/ Research
  1. Correlative study of HRCT temporal bones with intraoperative findings in tympanomastoid surgeries.
  2. Correlation between 1mm coronal CT PNS and intraoperative findings in endoscopic sinus surgery of frontal recess.
  3. Bacterial biofilms in chronic rhinosinusitis and their implications for clinical management in patients attending dept. of ENT.
  4. Role of mitomycin-C in prevention of nasal surgeries after FESS.
  5. A comparitive study of mastoid cavity obliteration with postauricular soft tissue versus soft tissue with autologous bone pate in patients underlying canal wall down mastoidectomy.
  6. A study on the relevance of concha bullosa in the etiopathogenesis of chronic rhinosinusitis.


Dr. Ashok S. Naik
Professor & HOD
Dr. Arunkumar J. S.
Dr. Raghunath Dayanand Shanbag
Dr. Vijay G. Bidkar
Associate Professor
Dr. Santosh Shrikanth Garag
Associate Professor
Dr. Roshan R. Jalsatgi
Associate Professor
Dr. Shibani V Anchan
Assistant Professor
Dr. Chandika D
Assistant Professor
Dr. Rashmi S.
Sr. Resident
Dr. Prajwal Shetty
Sr. Resident
Dr. Nita Rachel Rajan
Jr. Resident
Dr. Murala Sarath Chand
Jr. Resident
Dr. Shashank Kotian
Jr. Resident
Dr. Lekha K A
Jr. Resident
Dr. Sushan Shetty
Jr. Resident
Dr. Shah Vidit Rohit
Jr. Resident



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