Community Medicine

About the Department

Community Medicine is the study of health and disease in the population of defined communities or groups in order to identify their health needs, and to plan, implement, and evaluate health programs to effectively meet these needs. The prime objective of the department is to produce quality public health professionals, capable of playing significant role in ensuring complete health and wellbeing of the community in which they chose to serve. The department is striving to provide a high quality, community oriented training in Community Medicine to the under graduate and post graduate medical students, so that they work towards achieving the national goal of “health for all in 21st Century”.

Head of the Department

Dr. Mayur, MD, Professor and Head of the department

Patient Care

Department manages Urban Health Training Center at Vidyagiri (about 5km from the College) and Rural Health Training Center at Yadwad (about 12 km from the college).  Following services are provided at these centers.

  • Daily OP from 9.30am to 1.30pm at a nominal charge
  • Treatment for all common ailments for free of cost
  • Minor surgical procedures for free of cost
  • Routine laboratory facilities for free of cost.
  • Referral services
  • Training of House surgeons to function as Primary Health care Physicians
  • Ante-natal clinic, school health services
  • Health Education

Various national health programmes like Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme, Reproductive and Child Health, Immunization etc are implemented through these centers. Apart from this, Re-Orientation of Medical Education (ROME) is carried out by posting specialist doctors from the institute’s hospital to the RHTC, Yadwad. This helps both in brining the specialist treatment at the people’s door as well as to orient the interns in working in rural and resource restricted areas. RHTC has excellent facility for food and staying for interns.

Teaching Program

Well structured teaching programs are conducted by the department both in the class rooms and also in the field. Teaching activities in the department include lectures, tutorials/ seminars, practical demonstrations and integrated teaching sessions for undergraduate medical students. The postgraduate training is mainly through subject seminars, journal review meetings, clinical postings, group discussion, etc.  Museum is a well equipped with large number of models, specimens and charts. Field activities involve community health services that are provided through field practice areas of the department at Vidyagiri and Yadwad blocks of district Dharwad. The department also oversees the functioning of Hebballi PHC.

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Dissertations/ Research

1. "Health status of preschool children in an urban community"

Name of PG     :           Dr. Shivani S Manjrekar

Guide               :           Dr. Mayur S Sherkhane

2. "A study of the prevalence and factors associated with overweight and obesity among adolisunt school children at an urban field practice area"

 Name of PG    :           Dr. Pracheth R

Guide               :           Dr. J V Chowti

3. "Epidemiological study of road traffic accident"

Name of PG     :           Dr. Rohit A

Guide               :           Dr. Pushpa S Patil

4. "Study on the prevalence of HIV in faction among Tuberculosis patients in SDMCMS&H, Dharwad"

Name of PG     :           Dr. Jyotsna Rayannavar

Guide               :           Dr. G N Prabhakara

 5. "Behavioural Risk Factor for non-communicable Diseases in working & non-working women of urban slums".

Name of PG     :           Dr. Shivani S Manjrekar

Guide               :           Dr. Mayur S Sherkhane

6. "Geriatric Depression Scale: A tool to assess depression in elderly".

Name of PG     :           Dr. Pracheth R

Guide               :           Dr. Mayur S Sherkhane

7. "Knowledge & Awareness about cancer among females of urban slums in their reproductive age group".

Name of PG     :           Dr. Jyotsna Rayannavar

Guide  :           Dr. Mayur S Sherkhane

8. "Awareness of Immunization in Urban-Rural population: Across sectional study".

Name of PG     :           Dr. Rohit A

Guide               :           Dr. J V Chowti & Dr. Pushpa S Patil.

Dr. Mayur S. Sherkhane
Professor & HOD
Dr. Pushpa S. Patil
Dr. Kotrabasappa K.
Dr. K R. Pravinchandra
Associate Professor
Dr. Umesh R. Dixit
Associate Professor
Dr. Kollur Lata Radhakrishna
Associate Professor
Dr. Rakesh Nayak
Assistant Professor & Epidemiologist
Dr. Ashwini S
Assistant Professor & MOH (RHTC)
Dr. Bhavana R Hiremath
Assistant Professor & MOH (UHTC)
Dr. Vandana Hiregoudar
Assistant Professor
Dr. Deepthi
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sushma J. Chowti
Dr. Vinoda Patil
Mrs. Reshma S Bachagoudar
Lecturer in Statistics (Msc)
Dr.Vijayalaxmi Mangasuli
Dr.Diganth C Divya
Dr.Kiran Patil
Dr. Chandan N
Dr.Aravind Kumar K
Dr.Sathvik Rai N
Dr.Deepti Shettar
Dr. Shruti Kardalkar
Dr. Ashwini V Rao



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