Code of Conduct

A student is expected to maintain a very high standard of etiquette and conduct during the period of his stay in the college. Disruption in discipline of any kind is liable for punishment, which may range from suspension to even termination from the College. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the College. There exists an anti-ragging committee in this college to prevent such incidents.



RAGGING is not only an antisocial activity but also a criminal offence.  SDM Campus is declared a ragging free zone.  The management and the students have strived hard so far to maintain this status.  Any activity which may be construed as ragging will attract a severe action including expulsion and criminal charges.  The students and their parents/ guardian are made to give an understanding every year towards anti-ragging commitment.  Also the campus not only has Anti-ragging Committee as per regulatory body requirement, which includes the local police and others, but also has constant vigil by the staff and security.


Anti-Ragging Committee :



  • Non-vegetarian food is NOT allowed in the Campus
  • Smoking, Gutka, Pan, Alcohol and Drugs are Banned
  • Keeping Motor Cycles and Motor Cars by students staying in Campus is not allowed.Instead Bicyles and Umbrellas are provided free for use within the Campus



Health of students is taken care by medical checkup, vaccination regimes and all students have to take SDM HEALTH CARE cover at the time of admission.