About the Department

Knowledge of Biochemistry is essential to all the branches of medicine. Biochemical approaches have illuminated many aspects of health and disease. Health depends on a harmonious balance of biochemical reactions occurring in the body and disease reflects abnormalities in bio molecules, biochemical process and reactions. In our medical college, biochemistry department caters to the needs of students by involving in teaching activities, while in the hospital the clinical biochemistry department performs the laboratory investigations to serve the needs of patients for correct diagnosis. The department of Biochemistry possesses excellent infrastructure. Dedicated full time teaching faculty is a mixture of experienced and young enthusiastic teachers. Besides teaching and diagnostic work, the faculty is actively involved in research projects in the fields of current clinical interests.


Head of the Department

Department of Biochemistry is headed by Dr. Vidya S Patil. She has done her undergraduation from JJMMC, Davangere and M.D Biochemistry from J N Medical College Belgaum (RGUHS). She has 10 years of teaching experience. She has many research papers for her credit published in national and international journals. She is a recognized Post graduate guide from RGUHS and currently one of the BOS members for Preclinical P.G curriculum. She is a life member of national and state associations in the field of Biochemistry. She has also worked as joint secretary for Karnataka chapter of Association of Medical Biochemists of India during 2013-14.


Diagnostic Facilities

Clinical biochemistry lab is situated in the Hospital building with 24X7 stat lab facilities and has two sections- routine clinical chemistry and endocrinology. It was started in September 2003. At present this laboratory processes 450 samples with 2000 investigations every day. The Lab is committed to providing a high quality and efficient service to its users.

Total quality performance of the Lab is monitored by participating in the External Quality Accreditation programme like Biorad EQAS run by Biorad, USA and EQAS programme run by CMC, Vellore. Internal Quality assurance is done by performing daily controls from Biorad, USA.

The Lab is equipped with the following instruments

  1. Fully automated chemistry analyzers – Siemens Dimension RXL Max
  2. Fully automated chemistry analyzers – Siemens Dimension RXL Max (standby)
  3. Fully automated hormone  analyzers – Siemens ADVIA CENTAUR CP immunoassay analyser (Chemiluminescence method)
  4. Fully automated HbA1c analyzer (HPLC method) – Biorad D10
  5. ABG analyser- Roche COBAS b121
  6. Electrolyte analyser- Roche AVL9180
  7. Semi automated Chemistry analyser- Biosystems BTS-350

Special investigations like Serum protein Electrophoresis, Hemoglobin Electrophoresis (semi-automated Helena electrophoresis equipment), screening for IEM, stone analysis is also performed.

The Lab has also installed the LIS (Laboratory Information System) through which the specimens are bar-coded, tested and the results are automatically sent online from Lab to OPDs , wards and to end users. This speeds up the test reporting and also minimizes transcriptional errors.


Teaching Program

Department is well equipped with demonstration room and practical hall. 

  1. Undergraduate: Classes, seminars, tutorials, tests are conducted regularly for the benefit of students. Proper care of pupils is taken through the teacher guide programmes.
  2. Post-graduate: 4 PG seats have been allotted by MCI from the year 2014. We have adequate infrastructure to train the PGs in various techniques like:
    • Electrophoresis
    • Chromatography (HPLC from schimatzu)
    • Blotting technique
    • Cell and tissue culture

We Train PGs in the laboratory skills by posting them in clinical laboratory, clinical postings in various department have been scheduled for refinement of the knowledge of the postgraduate.


Workshops and CMEs

Department puts its constant effort to update the faculty by conducting regular CME/ Workshop on current topics.

  1. CME/ Workshop on ‘Research in Cancer Biology – Breast Cancer Biomarkers’ and Hands on training in basic molecular biology techniques-‘Protein, DNA and RNA extraction and analysis.’ on 17/02/2017 & 18/02/2017 in Ishavaasyam Auditorium and Central Research Lab., SDMCMSH.
  2. CME/ Workshop on “Proteomics – Expression analysis” Techniques & Methodology in Biomedical Research on 08/10/2014 in DRH Auditorium and Central Research Lab., SDMCMSH.
  3. CME/ Workshop on Electrophoresis—A versatile analytical tool on 17/09/2011 in DRH Auditorium and Dept. of Biochemistry, SDMCMSH.
  4. CME/ Workshop on Newborn screening for IEM and Hemoglobinopathies on 10/05/2009 in DRH Auditorium and Dept. of Biochemistry, SDMCMSH.


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Dissertation/ Research
  1. Dr. Praveenkumar Shetty- “Identification and Characterization of Novel biomarker & Therapeutic target for Triple Negative Breast Cancer” (Seed Research grant from Karnataka cancer therapy and Research centre).
  2. Dr. P.K. Shetty-  “miRNA mediated regulation of Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors in Prostate cancer progression”.
  3. Significance of oxidants –antioxidants status in oral squamous cell  carcinoma patients- A case control study by Dr. Gokul S, MDS student ,Dept. of oral pathology, SDM Dental college,  Guided by Dr. Vidya S Patil. (Completed in 2009)
  4. Post-graduate dissertation: Study of urinary glycosaminoglycans among essential hypertensive patients by Dr Sanjeevini N. B. Dept of Biochemistry, SDM college of Medical sciences and Hospital Dharwad, Guide is Dr. Dhiraj Trivedi.


Dr. Vidya S. Patil
Professor & HOD
Dr. Dhiraj J. Trivedi
Professor (Phd)
Dr. Shreeranga P. Kulkarni
Dr. Praveen Kumar Shetty B.          
Associate Professor (Phd)
Dr. Rakesh T. Mudaraddi
Associate Professor
Dr. Vani Axita Chandrakant
Associate Professor
Dr. Vijayetha Preetam Patil
Associate Professor
Dr. Deepti G Ingleshwar
Assistant Professor
Dr. Shilpasree A S
Assistant Professor
Mr. Kamble Pramod Sudam
Tutor  (Msc)
Mr. Bargale Anil B.
Tutor  (Msc)


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