Artificial Limb Centre 

About the Department

In human locomotor system, human limb is nature’s one of the most intricately designed structures. Its loss or damage not only causes disability but also leads to social, psychological and economical disturbances. This seriously affects the quality of life of an individual. The quality, however, could be improved to certain extent by provision of prosthesis (artificial limb) or a suitable orthosis (Appliances).

The Artificial Limb Center (ALC) at SDM College of Medical Sciences & Hospital started functioning on 5th May 2006 under the guidance and divine blessings of our Rev. President Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade. The Center is under the administrative control of Dr. Niranjan Kumar, a renowned Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director, SDMCMSH. The activities of the Centre are ably guided by Mrs. Padmalata Niranjan Kumar, Executive Director of ALC and managed by Mr. Ashok Kumar Dash, Sr. Prosthetist and Orthotist, qualified from National Institute Govt. of India with adequate clinical and teaching experience in the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics.

With the manifesto 'Technology for excellence,' the ALC has established its hallmark through production of high quality artificial limb & orthopedic appliances. The Center is well equipped with state of the art technology in the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics and is capable to provide various types of artificial limbs and orthopedic appliances to cater to the needy poor patients. It provides high-tech limbs and orthotic devices to match the international standards including carbon fiber technology and glass fiber re- enforce technique and adoptability of electro mechanical concepts with Endo-Skeletal system. This technological enhancement makes the artificial limb, and orthotic devices light in weight and hence comfortable and more acceptable.

Treatment Facilities

The team of experts at ALC is always ready to extend its technical / clinical expertise towards the intensive rehabilitation approach for persons with disabilities those who need our treatment modality.

Following clinical rehabilitations facilities are available:

  1. Providing high tech artificial limbs with endoskeletal mechanism
  2. Myo-electric and mechanical upper limb prosthesis (Artificial Arm)
  3. Providing cosmetic replacement like finger, toe, ear, silicon breast prosthesis
  4. Designing low cost re-inforced light weight artificial limbs for economically backward people
  5. Providing all kinds of upper limb lower limb and spinal orthosis including surgical shoes
  6. Highly specialized to designed floor reaction orthosis  (FRO), ground reaction AFO, TRAFO, Supracondylar /consiled KAFO,SWASH brace for CP Charlston bending brace for scoliosis and many more.
  7. A well equipped Gait training unit to train the disabled in using the aids/ appliances for the gait optimization.

A research and development unit is an integral part of the Center which is dedicated to develop various types of Prosthetic and Orthotic devices to meet the needs of clinical outcomes.

The Centre has designed an Osteoarthritis Knee brace which is scientifically innovated to achieve its maximum efficacy. The device is designed to stabilize the knee de-loading mechanism and aids the correct the skeletal alignment for the optimum mobility and pain management. This device has been fitted to many patients and results are satisfactory.



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