About the Department



The Department of Anaesthesiology is one of the largest clinical departments in SDMCMSH with qualified and well trained Anaesthesiologists, Postgraduate students and trained Anaesthesia Technicians. Apart from the operation theatres, anaesthesia services are provided in all parts of the hospital round the clock. There are state-of-the-art operation theatres, surgical intensive care units and advanced anaesthesia work stations which are comparable with the best health care facilities in India and abroad. Teaching and training is provided to Postgraduate students in Anaesthesiology and Anaesthesia Technician course. The department has a library with a collection of latest textbooks on anaesthesiology, intensive care, pain management, procedures, clinical pharmacology etc.

Head of the Department 

Department of anaesthesiology is currently headed by Dr. P. Raghavnedra Rao who has a vast knowledge of the subject and an experience of 35 years in Anaesthesiology. He is a trained Cardiac Anaesthesiologist with work experience in various Institutes in India, the United Kingdom and Middle East. He is managing the resources at his disposal to the best possible outcome in the ever increasing work load.

Patient Care

Doctors in the department of anaesthesiology anaesthetise patients of all age group including pre-term infants to Geriatric age. Department has facilities for anaesthetising patients coming for surgeries under various departments like General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Urology, Paediatric Surgery, Cardiac Surgery and Oro-facio-maxillary Surgery. Anaesthesia services outside OT include Pre-anaesthetic evaluation clinic, Electroconvulsive therapy, and during Endoscopies. Department has a variety of airway gadgets like Laryngoscopes, Laryngeal Mask Airways, Fibreoptic bronchoscope, bougie etc. for managing difficult airways.  Other facilities include invasive blood pressure monitoring, Peripheral nerve stimulator for giving nerve blocks etc.

Treatment Facilities



A team of trained Anaesthesiologists is involved in various forms of treatment such as Labour Analgesia and  “Pain clinic” for chronic pain management. They are involved in Intensive Care of patients admitted in various ICUs. Patients requiring anaesthesia services here are generally sicker, with multiple co-morbid diseases like diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, stroke, respiratory diseases, renal failure, deranged liver function etc who require advanced monitoring and expert handling to ensure safety, faster recovery and better outcome of the patients. 

Teaching Program

MBBS students are exposed to the subject of anaesthesiology during their final year. Weekly lectures covering various relevant aspects anaesthesiology including the history and scope of anaesthesia are conducted. They also get exposed to various anaesthetic procedures in the operation theatre during their OT postings. Postgraduates are being trained in pre-anaesthetic evaluation, all sub-specialities of anaesthesiology, intensive care, pain and palliative care. They have a structured program of practical training on rotational basis in all sub-specialities of anaesthesia to make them confident of handling variety of patients. They are also presenting seminars, journal clubs and clinical cases as per the RGUHS guidelines. They are evaluated periodically for their proficiency in theory as well as practical work. Postgraduates are also trained to conduct a scientific clinical research by the way of dissertations. They are allowed to conduct elective as well as emergency cases under the direct supervision of concerned faculty. Students of various paramedical courses like Anaesthesia Technician [Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology (DOTT) are trained here with a thorough exposure to the practical aspects. They are taught about the principles of asepsis, sterilization of instruments, arranging OT equipment and assisting in anaesthesia and surgical procedures.

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Dissertations/ Research Dissertations:
  1. Effect of addition of dexmedetomidine to caudal bupivacaine on post-operative analgesia in paediatric patients. Authors: Dr. Prashanth P G, Dr. P Raghavendra Rao, Dr. Rajesh Phatake. Expected month of completion: Oct-12
  2. Comparison of three different  doses of oxytocin in patients undergoing elective caesarean sections. Authors: Dr. Guruprasad Shetty, Dr. S. V. Torgal, Dr. Rohini V. Bhat Pai. Expected month of completion: Dec-12.
  3. Comparison of noninvasive and invasive arterial blood pressure measurements by two clinical  monitors. Authors: Dr. Varun Byrappa, Dr. P. Raghavendra Rao, Dr. Harihar V. Hegde. Expected month of completion: Dec-12.
  4. Propofol injection pain: a prospective duble-blind trail of MCT/LCT propofol formulation  versus LCT propofol. Authors:  Dr. Supreeth R Shetty, Dr. Raghavendra Rao, Dr. Santhosh MCB. Expected month of completion: Jun-14.
  5. Evaluation of addition of dexmedetomidine to propofol anaesthesia for middle ear surgeries: A prospective double-blind randomised observational study. Authors: Dr. Swathi Kumari K, Dr. S V Torgal, Dr. Harihar V Hegde. Expected month of completion: Jun-14.
  6. Comparison of accuracy of CVP tip placement by intra-atrial ECG guided technique versus surface landmark technique. Authors: DR. Kiran B S, Dr. Rajesh Phatake, Dr. Rohini Bhat Pai. Expected month of completion: Jun-14.
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  3. : Comparison between intravenous fentanyl and dexmedetomidine to attenuate sevoflurane – induced agitation in paediatric patients undergoing lower abdominal surgery: a prospectiverandomized observational study.
  4. Dr. Akshay Uday Shetty: Comparison of the effect of spine flexion on the incidence of post dural puncture headache: a prospective randomised double – blind observational study.
  5. Dr. Devaraj I. C. : Comparison of haemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation following induction of general anaesthesia with propofol or etomidate
  6. Efficacy of orally disintegrating film [ODF] of ondansetron versus intravenous ondansetron in prophylaxis of postoperative elective gynaecological laparoscopic procedures: a prospective randomised dobule blind placebo controlled study.  Authors: Dr. Harihar V Hegde, Dr. Vijay G Yaliwal, Dr. Rashmi Anngeri. Expected month of completion: Sep-12
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Dr. P. Raghavendra Rao
Professor & HOD
Dr. Shrirang V. Torgal
Dr. Shyamsundeer Kamath K
Dr. Harihar V. Hegde
Dr. Vajendra K Joshi
Associate Professor
Dr. Sameer N. Desai
Associate Professor
Dr. Ravi L Bhat
Associate Professor
Dr. Sandhya Pavate
Assistant Professor
Dr. Mahantesh S Mudakanagoudar
Assistant Professor
Dr. Bandi Joshiraj
Assistant Professor
Dr. Mohammad Asif Kalas
Assistant Professor
Dr. Kiran A Honnannavar
Assistant Professor
Dr. Supreeth R Shetty
Assistant Professor
Dr. Ranjith Kumar R T
Assistant Professor
Dr. B K Manjunath
Assistant Professor
Dr. Imran Sholapur
Assistant Professor
Dr. Shilpa Agnihotri
Assistant Professor
Dr. Ravikumar M
Assistant Professor
Dr. Siddesh N Kadur
Assistant professor
Dr. Basavaraj Chandrashekar Lakkundi
Sr. Resident
Dr. Kambow Anmol
Sr. Resident
Dr. Noorfathima Akaram
Sr. Resident
Dr. Nitin Mathew
Sr. Resident
Dr. Archana A Bharadwaj
Sr. Resident
Dr. S R Krishna Sagar
Jr. Resident
Dr. Srinidhi T
Jr. Resident
Dr. Varsha R
Jr. Resident
Dr. Shamana S Shetty
Jr. Resident
Dr. Kanmani T L
Jr. Resident
Dr. Deepa Shetty
Jr. Resident
Dr. Kezia Susan Babu
Jr. Resident
Dr. Sandhya Rani S V
Jr. Resident
Dr. Chetna Goel
Jr. Resident
Dr. Nishanth N.
Jr. Resident
Dr. Bitson Pazhoor Thomas
Jr. Resident
Dr. Mithun B Shetty
Jr. Resident
Dr.Meghna Rao
Jr. Resident
Dr. Manisha M K
Jr. Resident
Dr. Vidya K R
Jr. Resident
Dr. Deepika B D
Jr. Resident
Dr. Samanvitha K
Jr. Resident
Dr. Rakshik Vailaya
Jr. Resident
Dr. Priya Gupta
Jr. Resident



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